The Beloved's Kiss

The Beloved's Kiss - by John Paul c.2009


In the last post we talked about relationships and the movement of consciousness across a shared matrix of temporal/spatial interactions.  We discussed how movement and activity define our reality, experiences and ultimately the VALUE of those relationships between others and us in this matrix.  We mentioned that meaning is what helps us measure or define that value conveyed to another through a moment of sharing.

I think of meaning, as something PERCEIVED within the contextual makeup of a creative/observer.  It is an implied or explicit significance as a source of benefit or an object of affection.  Either way it sits clearly within the contextual knowledge and emotional center of the person/s, collective or not.  It is through meaning that knowledge is discovered, defined and gained.  Meaning is expressive in nature and its value is implied.

Meaning comes into play with anything to do with Art and Mastery and oftentimes is the chief factor in qualifying a masterpiece or work of art.  As such we are not astray in attesting to the high quality of a relationship as the meaning shared or conveyed through an artistic interaction.  As such we aim to relate with others in a precious way and must be capable of effecting a certain amount of meaning through the exchange.  There must be some sense of enlightenment and knowledge/value gained.  Doing so effectively, takes practice and the application of acquired skills. It is an Art.

Now, art is an ever-flowing exchange of discovery and understanding that en-folds and un-folds knowledge in meaningful relationships. Therefore we are talking about the use of language in some form or fashion, be it verbal, musical, visual, emotional, etc., where the medium of art is informationthat which forms action or movement.

Information becomes knowledge ONLY when it is transferred into a language the observer can understand and can view within the context of acquired truth. Through this process the relational meaning of new information comes about.  And for meaning to exist in a projected moment it must have at least: a creator, or conscious will from a higher dimensional order that issues the creation; and a viewer from that same order, to whom the creation is being shared.  Perhaps this mystery is partially explainable by the fact that life without others yields an isolated, lonely, and cold existence – void of movement.

Anyway, the conduction of meaning is an Art.  In this discussion we are talking about meaning as it enables us to live a successful life.  So we give high importance to conveying meaning to others at the level of Art in whatever form the interaction imbibes. It becomes our standard. So what about Art?

Art stems from that higher dimension or greater reality where meaning is born.  From this ground, hope and imagination bring together the process of discovery and the creative sharing of what can be known.  When we create meaning in the lives of others we bring incarnated equivalents of valuable knowledge that reveal themselves on a stage, speaking to worlds more real than reality.  When that synthesis occurs, something happens that transcends the boundaries of both viewer and creator, in which greater truth is revealed – that IS meaning and art’s mysterious ministry.

In one the following entries we will talk a bit about what it takes to tap into that higher dimension.

Stay tuned –

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